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The build of AURA Yachts is accompanied by regular visits from a professional firm which ensures all guidelines a followed during the process. This results in meeting or exceeding the necessary safety standards required for Ocean going CE Certification.

Aluminium is AURA Yachts material of choice for building. The AURA 57 is just 15tons displacement. Aluminium allows for performance yet also allows the freedom for ease of customizations which doing in other materials would be much more difficult.

No one is the same so why should you have the same boat. We have built numerous yachts for people around the globe. Each owner has their own ideas on how their yacht will be laid out. We work with you on things like deck layout, rigging setup and interior design is in line with how you want YOUR yacht to be.

We strive to build with sustainability in mind. Solar, wind and other technologies are used for electricity generating. Battery and electric motor advancements are being made each year and the best are incorporated into AURA Yachts.


How We Works

At AURA Yachts, we build boats that have energy. Their layout, design and performance characteristics provide an atmosphere that owners appreciate far beyond just quality. Aluminium is our material of choice. It provides a balance between cost, performance and the ease of customisation.






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AURA 57 was born from the dream of being able to really create the custom-made hull, in aluminum, sporty but at the same time suitable for long voyages..


Hull construction










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